James Holtom
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James J. Holtom, son to David and Reyne Holtom of Rexburg, Idaho was killed in action in Iraq on Thursday, February 8th.
He was the oldest of eight children. Jim was born in Waupaca, Wisconsin in January of 1985. The family moved to Woonsocket, SD in 1990 where his dad managed the local farmer cooperative. The family moved to Idaho in 1995 where they live today.

Jim was a sophmore at Boise State University studying engineering. He joined the Army reserves in 2003 where he attained the rank of Sergeant at the age of 21. He was a member of the 321st Combat Engineer Battalion, Alpha Company, out of Boise. He was deployed to Iraq in September 2006. Jim was killed while conducting a rescue mission for other fallen soldiers.

Jim was a happy, bright determined and confident young man. He was expecting to be married in the fall of 2007 to a lovely and wonderful young lady from Nampa named Melissa and start a family in the beautiful little two bedroom house he bought for her before he left.

Jim loved his family, his friends, his country... And most of all, his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are confident that we know he is with the Lord now.

Jim is survived by his Fiancee, Melissa Sewell of Nampa, his parents, David and Reyne of Rexburg, his brothers Ben, Lee, Jake, Calvin, John and his sisters Anna and Laura. Paternal Grandparents Jim and Donna Holtom of Farmington, New Mexico, Maternal Grandparents Larry and Millie Jandrin of Kewaunee, Wisconsin. He had many other cousins, aunts and uncles. Jim was buried at Idaho State Veterans Cemetery with full military honors. 

Jim will never be forgotten. He truly is a hero, and we miss him more every day...

I remember him saying before he was deployed, after I asked him if he was afraid to go..."Kindof... But I think God has a bigger reason for me going."
What a guy. Giving his all, so that we can continue to live in peace... I will always respect and cherish him. I love him still, and miss him so much.

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