James Holtom
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A. Friend lit a candle on 05/25/2008: "home of the free because of the brave you are my hero i know i will see you again!"
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 05/25/2008: "I miss you, and I'm so proud of you. You are my hero, and I love you so much still."
Scarlet lit a candle on 04/29/2008: "Jim, It's just not the same here w/out you! We named our son Rowan James born 2/8/08 a year after you went to heaven."
AM SS lit a candle on 04/17/2008: "Jim it's been a few years since I saw you, you were a great friend. Rest In Peace"
Éowyn Jackson lit a candle on 04/08/2008: "I never knew you. But this is for you, and for the girl who loves you. Thank you."
AM S. lit a candle on 03/07/2008: "I light this candle in honor of your service to our country and of your tremendous sacrifice. Rest well."
Amanda Randall lit a candle on 02/22/2008: "I didnt know you personally or any family.But thank you so much for all you did and still do for us ."
Vickie Steinbach lit a candle on 02/11/2008: "Jim, everyone left behind misses you. Take care of my little men and we'll see you soon."
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 02/08/2008: "I can't believe you have been gone a year. I miss you so much, and love you with all my heart."
Reyne Holtom lit a candle on 01/28/2008: "Time has stood still for me, Son, since I found out you were gone. I yearn for you constantly. Love, Mom"
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 01/02/2008: "I miss you."
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 12/06/2007: "We should be getting married tomorrow. Oh, I miss you."
Debbie Sewell lit a candle on 12/04/2007: "As a mom, my arms ache to hug my "son" and my heart aches to see Mel miss you so much. See you in the "morning."
Jennifer Rossetti lit a candle on 11/27/2007: "Thank you for everything. You have given your life to make mine alittle more safe. i pray for you and your family!"
Karen Muller lit a candle on 10/24/2007: "you live in the hearts of those left behind.your story reaches the other side of the globe & sheds light on my day"
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 10/22/2007: "I miss you extra today."
Erin Collier lit a candle on 10/13/2007: "James, I didn't know you or your family, but I felt compelled to leave a candle in your memory. With Love, Erin"
Paul And Sara Vandenbos lit a candle on 10/12/2007: "We miss you Jim. We will always remember the good times when we had the honor of knowing you here. See you in Heaven."
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 10/09/2007: "I still love you, and miss you more than ever..."
Shane Leiser ID State Capt, PGR lit a candle on 09/09/2007: "Jim continues to occupy my mind since participating in his services. Thank you for that honor."
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