James Holtom
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Doug &. Diew Morrison lit a candle on 08/15/2007: "Jim we remember you as a honourable young man. Thank you for your sacrifice."
Aunt Tracy lit a candle on 08/07/2007: "I think of you every day. Our family will never forget you!"
Friend Friend lit a candle on 08/06/2007: "Thank you Jim . Sorry for your loss Melissa"
CW4 Peterson lit a candle on 08/05/2007: "Rest Easy, Sgt. Holtom. We will finish the mission. Mel will be OK too; she knows you'd want her to be happy"
Melody Bell lit a candle on 07/28/2007: "Thank you God, for Jim. Thank you hero, for all you gave. Thank you Melissa for sharing. A touching tribute."
Mel lit a candle on 07/26/2007: "I can't believe you're really gone... My goodness I miss you."
A. Thankful American! lit a candle on 07/20/2007: "What a GREAT man and a GREAT HERO."
Kat Orr lit a candle on 07/15/2007: "We will NEVER forget."
Amazing Gracie lit a candle on 07/11/2007: "Thank you, dear hero. We will forever remember you in our hearts & minds. Find your rest in Jesus. Job well done."
Friend Friend lit a candle on 07/09/2007: "Jim, you are a great man. I'm so thankful I had the chance to know you. You truly are a HERO! See you soon!"
Loving Annie lit a candle on 07/05/2007: "You sound like you were a wonderful young man, Jim. You are a hero. And now an angel..."
Australian Grandmother To Be lit a candle on 07/05/2007: "With our heartfelt thanks and Love to you James Holtom. And to Melissa Sewell also. We will remember."
Chris Carter lit a candle on 07/05/2007: "May God bless him in Heaven. He is a true American hero. Thank-you so much for your service soldier!"
Stacy Lee lit a candle on 07/04/2007: "Rest in peace sodlier. You are a hero to us all."
Helga Kruijff lit a candle on 07/04/2007: "Bless Jim, and bless you Melissa - thank you for sharing, especially on this 4th of July"
Debbie Sewell lit a candle on 07/02/2007: "We miss and love you, Jim. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. See you in Heaven."
Melissa Sewell lit a candle on 06/30/2007: "I miss you more and more honey... I will see you again someday... You are my hero."
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